Co-Codamol and Post-Surgical Pain

neck-painRegardless of the type of surgical procedure you’ve had recently, there are likely to be some lingering side effects and possibly even some difficult to manage pain for a handful of days (or weeks) after the successful conclusion of that surgery.

And while medical professionals in the United Kingdom have a number of different pain relief and pain control solutions available at their disposal that can help you manage or at least mask the pain you’re dealing with, many of them recommend Co-Codamol.
One of the most effective pain control solutions on the market today, this is a powerful pain reliever and not something that can be taken lightly. The active ingredients contained within this pain control solution (regardless of whether you buy co-codamol online or you purchase it in a bricks and mortar pharmacy and whether you get prescription strength co-codamol or the lower dose OTC solution) can lead to some serious side effects if it isn’t taken property as directed.

What exactly is co-codamol?
Before you make the decision to buy co-codamol visit site for more info to better manage your post surgical pain, it’s important that you understand exactly what this pain killer is and what it has been designed to do.
Known as a “combination” pain control solution in the medical world, this particular solution is formed by combining paracetamol and codeine together in a single pill to leverage a multi-pronged “attack” on the pain from your surgery. Each of these two different ingredients work together to dull pain receptors in your body, and not to eliminate the underlying issues that are causing the pain in the first place.

It’s important to understand that co-codamol is not a cure or remedy, but instead a pain control and pain relief solution engineered to dull the constant or acute pain you may be feeling after your surgery has been performed.

What do I need to know about using co-codamol?
The most important piece of advice you need to heed moving forward is that after you buy co-codamol you need to follow the manufacturer’s directions for usage that are printed directly on the bottle as well as on an information card you’ll receive when you pick up your prescription.

If you are purchasing the “over-the-counter” version of this drug, it’s important to read all of the instructions for use that are printed on the box.
Secondly, it’s absolutely mission critical that you never use more than two capsules within a six hour time span – and that you are allow for at least four hours between the dosages of co-codamol.

At no point in time should you ever exceed eight co-codamol pills or dosages in a single 24 hour period. You must also make sure that you aren’t combining this pain killer with any other medications (prescription or otherwise) unless they have been expressly cleared by your primary care physician as well as the attending surgeon that performed your surgery.

Those looking to buy co-codamol will always want to make sure that they are doing so through licensed pharmacies in the United Kingdom, and only those that have established working relationships with registered doctors and medical professionals.

This is not the kind of drug that you want to purchase from fly-by-night companies that may or may not be able to provide you with the real thing.
As mentioned above, it is possible to buy co-codamol over-the-counter. However, those versions of the drug are considerably less powerful than the ones you can get from a prescription. And since you are obviously going to be in some pain after your surgery, your surgical team or general practitioner should have no trouble whatsoever recommending and providing you with a prescription for this painkiller!

Complex Medical Name But Simple And Easy Effects- Dihydrocodeine

My uncle was in hospital the last month and he was suffering from back pain. According to the doctors’ advice he was admitted to the hospital for better treatment. That time I noticed doctors prescribed him dihydrocodeine intramuscular injections to relieve pain. When I asked the doctor about the composition and the features of this medicine, the doctor told me that “dihydrocodeine is the best medicine as a pain reliever because it contains codeine and it can also work in combination with paracetamol.”

The final result was that he was out of hospital within a short span of time; my uncle was completely alright after taking dihydrocodeine for seven days.

What is dihydrocodeine?

Dihydrocodeine is a kind of analgesic or palliative medicine which is mainly used as a pain reliever. It is used for chronic and acute pain and post-operative cases. To be more specific, it is used to reduce severe and acute pain like nerve pain, sciatica, bone pain and it is the best medicine for arthritis patients. Dihydrocodeine is also used for pain control of cancer patients.

Restrictions to be followed:

There is as such no restriction as far as taking dihydrocodeine is concerned. But if you have any of the following problems, then you should inform your doctor before taking this medicine because doses can vary from one person to another and doctors do not prescribe this medicine to some patients who suffer from some pre-existing diseases.

Those people who suffer from prostrate problem, allergy, asthma, fluctuation of blood pressure and lung or kidney infection, are not allowed to take dihydrocodeine in high doses. If you are suffering from this kind of disease then please inform your doctor before taking this medicine and maintain the doses according to your doctor’s prescription.

Can a diabetic patient take this medicine?

Yes, why not? If you have sugar or if you suffer from diabetes then you just inform your doctor before taking dihydrocodeine and you doctor will prescribe dihydrocodeine with combination of some other medicines which contain lactose. If you take this combination of drug then there is no problem at all. Your sugar level will be consistent and dihydrocodeine will help to remove your pain as soon as possible.


There are different doses for different situations but you should always take it as directed by your doctor or pharmacists or according to the directions on the label. The recommended dose is one tablet every four or five hours for adults that means maximum consumption limits of dihydrocodeine is four to six tablets within twenty four hours. It is strictly prohibited for infants and for geriatric patients.

Do not take dihydrocodeine while you are driving because after taking this medicine you feel a full relaxation of nervous system and it contains codeine which helps to make our nerves inactive. After taking this medicine you might be having some drowsiness, so it is better to avoid driving during this medication.

Dihydrocodeine is a safe and medically approved drug and it is widely used different countries and states so there is no doubt about the effect of dihydrocodeine.

What Is The Specialty Of Dihydrocodeine? How Can You Use It To Minimize Pain?

We often come across several medical terms and diseases when we go through any medical journal. In my case, it was no exception that I learned about dihydrocodeine and its effects from an online medical journal. If you want to minimize your body and joint pain, or if you want to get a stress-free and painless existence, then you can buy dihydrocodeine which will work wonderfully for you.

If you are tech-savvy and if you have the habit of buying medicine online, you can also buy dihydrocodeine online, by using your debit or bank credit cards. This medicine is available as white-colored tablets. It is also available as injection for intramuscular action. It is often used as cough expectorant also.

What are the multiple uses of dihydrocodeine?

You can buy dihydrocodeine or its varieties available in the form of dihydrocodeine tartrate. In any case, this medicine acts as a strong pain-relieving agent, which contains proportionate amount of codeine. This helps in reducing the pain, and you can take this medicine in a combined manner with paracetamol tablets.

You can buy dihydrocodeine online, but please check the detailed instructions before you start using this pain-deadening drug. Consult a medical practitioner for better results, and to know the exact dosage that you require. For instance, in case of Bronchitis patients, or patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or asthma, this medicine should not be taken at all. if doctor prescribes, then it should be taken in mild quantity.

Special precautions before you take this medicine: clinical and medical facts
You can buy dihydrocodeine but you have to be very careful about certain facts.

  • People suffering from acute renal problem or problems related to heart should not consume this medicine without doctor’s prescription.
  • Those people who suffer from constant bouts of drug addiction and withdrawal syndrome should not buy dihydrocodeine otherwise the problems can recur.
  • There are some people who suffer from pancreatic problems, and enlargement of prostrate glands. They should take precautions not to use this medicine.
  • The dosage of this medicine should be nil in case of pregnant women or lactating mothers.
  • Dihydrocodeine should not be recommended in case you are having problems related to constipation, ulcer or colitis.
  • Please use this medicine only for a prescribed period of time. Do not exceed the time limit, otherwise you will get addicted to this drug. It can also have adverse effects on your nervous system.

How should you store this medicine?

If you buy dihydrocodeine online, or from a general medical store, please check the expiry date printed on the label. Try to store the capsules, tablets or injections in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not store in a temperature that ranges above 25 degrees.
If you buy dihydrocodeine, then do not inject it frequently, as it can cause damage to blood vessels, arteries and damage blood circulation for a prolonged period.

So, stay safe, and use medicines carefully. Try to know the advantages as well as the disadvantages.


Dihydrocodeine: A Complete Pain Reliever

We know there are various pain killers available in the market but we do not know about their compositions and uses. Many pain killers are used to remove pain in a short span but the pain recurs after few hours, because these types of pain killers are unable to provide the ultimate cure from pain.

I am 45 years old. Here I want to share an experience that I was suffering from arthritis and joint pain. I used to take some other medicines during pain but these medicines did not help me to get complete relaxation from pain. I felt helpless because during that time, I could not even wake up normally. When I consulted the doctor, they suggested me to take Dihydrocodeine as a normal dose during those days when I suffered from pain. I am glad to tell you that now I am completely alright and all my pain has vanished after taking this medicine. I cannot believe that Dihydrocodeine gifted me a new life where I live, I can work as a normal person; even my joint pain is not repeated as before.

Some recommended guidelines:

Dihydrocodeine is a totally safe and secure medicine and it has been approved by all concerned medical authority of different states and countries. Dihydrocodeine contains codeine and it affects as a fast pain reliever and you can take it as a supportive medicine or in combination with paracetamol also. There are no hidden side effects of Dihydrocodeine but if you are suffering from some diseases like asthma, kidney problem and lung infection then you should inform your doctor before taking this medicine because there is a separate dose prescribed by the medical council for these patients.

  • Do not consume alcohol when the Dihydrocodeine medication is going on because combination of alcohol with this medicine can harm your body.
  • Keep it safe from infants and from children below 12 years. Dihydrocodeine is not recommended for this age group.
  • Do not take it during the pregnancy.
  • Geriatric patients can take Dihydrocodeine during pain but the required doses should be prescribed before.
  • Maintain the prescribed doses, do not take it randomly because overdoses of this medicine can cause some adverse effects and infect your lungs and kidneys also.
  • Before taking this medicine you should consult the doctor or pharmacist for knowing your doses.
  • Do not stop taking Dihydrocodeine suddenly. Consult the doctor and take low doses for next few days then stop it slowly.
  • Dihydrocodeine injection contains codeine and it is an intramuscular injection. Do not apply it as an intravenous one.

After effects:

During the medication course of Dihydrocodeine some sluggishness of motor activities or lethargy is a natural symptom. Codeine has an effect on the nerves and the brain for getting relaxation so it is natural to feel sleepy, but if the pain persists or if you feel some irritation then you should consult your doctor.

So it is true that Dihydrocodeine is best as a pain reliever but the appropriate dose is required.